• it security incident recovery plan

    Project Highlights

    • Client: Enescent Global

    • Partners: Media8 & Co

    • Project duration: May 2016 - Aug 2016

    • Project category: Security Incident Management

    Project Overview

    Dealing with IT Security incidents can be difficult, time and money consuming process. ConsultingPress helps companies in providing detailed procedures for dealing with and mitigating security incidents. We provided detailed procedures for security incident management to our clients, Supralo Ltd., which resulted in faster reaction to IT Security incidents and it’s proper management.

    When creating any level of IT Security you need to look at your company as a whole, decide which assets are of critical, vital importance for your company, and here we mean on all assets, including people. You need to have detailed plan and procedures on what needs to be done if some sort of security incident happens.

    ConsultingPress provided complete service of Security Incident Program creation for Enescent Global, company from New York USA.

    ConsultingPress helped to assure IT Security in Enescent Global is on highest level and educate employees and business partners of value and importance of IT Security.


    • Vulnerabilities and Threats Detection

    • Analysis of Business Relationships

    • Detailed analysis of Enescent Global vendors, it's rights to IT assets of the company, ways of communication and information transfers.

    • IT Security Architecture & Implementation


    • Increased level of IT Security

    • Detailed vendor risk management plan

    • Documented best practices and procedures

    • Higher level IT Security awareness